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With their long histories St Oswald’s and St Lawrence’s churches have been serving the parishes of Lower Peover and Over Peover for centuries. Throughout that time, the  have been the spiritual home of many people, and not just those living in the immediate neighbourhoods.

They still fulfil that role today, peaceful havens in an ever busier world. As a Grade 1 listed buildings they enjoy a settings of particular importance.  But ever increasing costs mean that we can no longer take our churches for granted. Contrary to what many people think, churches do not get any support from the state and buildings such as St Oswald’s and St Lawrence’s are hugely expensive to maintain.  Money also has to be found to meet the regular running costs such as heating, lighting and general maintenance as well as funding our local ministry. We do, therefore rely on donations to keep our churches open. 

Follow this link to find out how you can support St Oswald’s financially.