Every life, including our own, is precious to God and so it is natural for us to turn to God at times of death and remember God’s love for us and the hope that God gives us. Christians have always believed that life with God continues after death. This is our hope, that we will enjoy new life, eternal life, in Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead so that we might share in his resurrection. The death of a loved one brings us a real sense of loss and grief, even if we do hold to the belief of life after death. And some times the circumstances, age and timing of a loved one’s death can add further to our loss and despair.

At the funeral service there is the opportunity to remember our loved one, to acknowledge our loss and sorrow, to remember what God has done for us through Jesus, and the hope we have of eternal life. Within this broad structure there is the opportunity for hymns and prayers (for ourselves as well as the loved one who has died), and to conclude by commending our loved one to God’s care prior to committing their body to be buried or cremated, that is to their final resting place.

Here at St Oswald’s we are equally far from both Macclesfield Crematorium and Altrincham Crematorium, with Vale Royal Crematorium being somewhat closer. Families and friends sometimes choose to have a short service at the crematorium prior to coming to the church, or alternatively, choose to go to the crematorium after a service in the church. It is a personal decision as each family thinks through which option is most appropriate for their circumstances. St Oswald’s still has an open graveyard for parishioners and church (electoral roll) members. Exceptional requests for burial should be made to the Vicar

The church aims to support people, as they wish, through these difficult times both through our regular Sunday worship and pastoral visits. Finally we have a Book of Remembrance in church and also the opportunity for burial of ashes in the graveyard.

More details about the order of service can be found in the following downloadable document.

Funeral Order of Service