Current projects

At St Oswald’s church we constantly look to developing our work and facilities to meet the needs of a growing congregation in a changing culture.

One current project is to raise funds to build a toilet adjacent to the church building. More details of the proposal are in the document Toilet proposal. If you have any comments or would like to discuss the project further please contact any of the people named in the document. As of February 2015 all permissions have been granted and this update gives more details of the process so far.

As well as raising funds to build a toilet in our church we are also raising money towards providing toilets in the developing world by supporting Water Aid. You’ll find more information about their projects by clicking on the link to their website.

At the same time as considering the well-being of the congregation, we also work towards enhancing the quality of our worship and the decision has been made to refurbish the existing organ. While a substantial amount of money has been received towards this project there is a shortfall in funding and donations towards this project would be welcome. More details about the project are given in the document Organ project. If you would like to contribute or to find out contact details are given in the document.