Services at St Oswald’s & St Lawrence’s

Worship is the people of God, the church, sharing in Christ’s relationship with the Father, through the Holy Spirit, gathering to be built up through reading the Bible, sermons, prayer and praise. We continue in the life of God as we are nourished by Christ’s body and blood in Holy Communion, we know that we are forgiven by God when we confess our sins and in our intercessions we ask God to transform the lives of others when we pray for them.

St Oswald’s Services

St Oswald’s church has two services on Sunday at 8.00am, 11.00am . The church celebrates the great Christian festivals, as well rural festivals such a
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St Lawrence’s Services

St Lawrence’s has up to 2 services on Sunday. There is a weekly 9.30 am service and a monthly “Family Festival”, which is at 4.00pm on Sunday afternoo
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