St Oswald’s Services

St Oswald’s church has three services on Sunday they are at 8.00am, 11.00am and 6.30pm. The church celebrates the great Christian festivals, as well rural festivals such as Plough Sunday, Rogation and Harvest, and the national Remembrance Sunday.

The 8.00am service is traditional Prayer Book (1662) service of Holy Communion, with no hymns and no sermon. It generally lasts about 30 minutes. Many people brought up with the Prayer Book speak of enjoying its “poetry” and cherishing some wonderful liturgical phrases that have been part of their worship and faith for a long time. This is a quiet reflective service for those who welcome such a beginning to Sunday.

The 11.00am service is the main act of worship and the form of service changes according to the Sunday in the month.

On the first and third Sunday of the month we celebrate with a service of Holy Communion. This is a simple, modern, liturgical service where we like to welcome families to receive communion or a blessing. The talk is split into a part which is interactive and visual, and a part with a simple but profound spoken message. The prayers are appropriate for both young and old and the hymns are chosen to be ones familiar to school children and popular with adults. The service is shorter than an hour but can be slightly longer if there are many communicants.

On the second Sunday of the month the service is “Family Service”. This is not a communion service, rather it is a “shortish” service, (about 45-50 minutes), with hymns, a short interactive talk, and a time of prayer, whilst including the key liturgical elements of Morning Prayer, for example, Bible reading, confession and absolution, said canticles and a said psalm. At this service we often enjoy input from our Sunday School, (the Hands Together Club), in the form of Bible reading, banners, prayers and puppet sketches. This service is followed by refreshment in church, which is a good time to catch up with friends and meet new people.

On the fourth Sunday we gather for a traditional service of Mattins at 11am with sung canticles and psalms, led by our choir. The service includes 4 hymns, a good sermon, and a time of intercession. It is a traditional service of Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. The service is followed by refreshments in church to continue the fellowship enjoyed in the service and to give people the opportunity to meet and chat.

We also meet for Children’s Church at 9.30am on the fourth Sunday. This is a short service for families with young children and consists of a song, prayers, story and craft activity. 

On the fifth Sunday at 11am we have a service of Morning Prayer, usually following the same format as that of the second Sunday of the month.

Our 6.30pm service is a service of Evensong, from the Book of Common Prayer, with sung canticles. Every service has within it a time for prayer, a sermon and 5 hymns. Evensong focuses on God and is a way to begin to draw the day to a close.
Weekday services. St Oswald’s also has two Prayer book services of Holy Communion during the week. These are said services which last about 30 minutes. The evening service is on Wednesday at 7.00pm and the morning service at 10.00am on Thursday.