Services at St Oswald’s Church

St Oswald’s church currently has two services on Sunday one at 8.00am and one at 11.00am. The church celebrates the great Christian festivals, as well rural festivyals such as Plough Sunday, Rogation and Harvest, and the national Remembrance Sunday.

The 8.00am service is traditional Prayer Book (1662) service of Holy Communion, with no hymns and no sermon. It generally lasts about 30 minutes. Many people brought up with the Prayer Book speak of enjoying its “poetry” and cherishing some wonderful liturgical phrases that have been part of their worship and faith for a long time. This is a quiet reflective service for those who welcome such a beginning to Sunday.

The 11.00am service is the main act of worship. The form of service changes according to the Sunday in the month or whether  festivals are being celebrated. Details of services for the Sunday are given on our home page,