“Lord teach us to pray” the disciples said to Jesus

Prayer builds up our relationship with God. It’s a relationship of love. Like any relationship, our relationship with God will develop and grow as we spend quality time with him.

Prayer was a vital part of Jesus’ own ministry, therefore we can’t neglect it.

We become more like Jesus as we spend more time with him in prayer.

What prayer isn’t:

giving God a shopping list

trying to change God’s mind

bargaining with God

What prayer is:

Listening to God..

Talking to God..

Thinking of God..

Being with  God…

Trying to understand God’s will

About changing not God but us.

Prayer isn’t easy: there can be problems of dryness and “chaos”, but persevere through the difficult times and trust that God hears and answers prayers.

Pray as you can, not as you can’t. Find what is right for you, to keep your prayer life fresh and alive. Most of all – be honest.

Things which may help: a quiet place…. A candle….silence……..a scene……words…..Bible text….daily notes…daily office…